Frequently Asked Questions - Bulls Removals

After submitting required documents, how long do I have to wait for my removal quote?

Our sales agents will respond to you advising of the cost of moving withing 1 hour.

Do I have to pay a deposit to reserve Bulls Removals Moving truck?

No, no deposit is required. You can pay your moving invoice on the day of the move.

How much is Bulls Removals insured for?

Every furniture removal done by our trucks is covered up to R500 000 (half a million). Terms and conditions apply

Does Bulls Removals do furniture removals from Johannesburg to KZN?


Does Bulls Removals move furniture from Western Cape to Gauteng?


Does Bulls removals do furniture moving in Cape Town?


Does Bulls Removals do house moving in Gauteng?


Is Bulls Removals a Registered moving Company?

Yes, Bulls removals was Registered in year 2000 and has moved millions of families since then.

How do I book Removal sevices?

Click on this link, provides all details as requested and submit.

How does Bulls Removals assist me if the house I am moving into is not ready but I need to vacate my current accommodation?

We do have temporary storage where your home furniture can be stored while waiting for the availability of your new home

How do I pay my home removal?

You can pay via eft or direct deposit. We do not accept cash payments

When paying my house removal costs, what reference do I use?

Use your name and destination town as your reference.

How come your long-distance removals share loads are so cheap?

In a share load, you share the truck, you share the invoice with other clients going in the same direction as you. You only pay for portion of the truck you occupy in the truck.

Does Bulls Removals Have furniture moving insurance?

Yes bulls Removals has two types of furniture moving insurance which are:

  • GIT – Good In Transit Insurance which covers you in the event of fire, collision and hijacking. It is offered to you free of charge.
  • We also have All Risk Insurance which covers you in the events of minor chipping and scratching during the process of furniture removal. One needs to request for this cover in advance and it cost 1,9% of the intended cover value.

Please, visit our terms and conditions for more details.

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