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Bulls Removals is offering the highest quality relocation services and cheap house moving Quotes.  While prices of everything are going up, the cost of house moving with Bulls Removals is actually going down. Bulls Removals is one of a few removal companies that offers free moving cost assessments.

Local Furniture Removals:

Bulls Removals is your local furniture moving company, Whether you are looking for a moving company in Randburg, or you want movers in  Pretoria or you are looking for movers in Durban or Cape Town – call Bulls Removals.

We offer reliable home moving services throughout the country.

Long Distance Furniture Removals:

Bulls Removals is a Reliable moving company for inter-city home moving.  If your move is a small load, our share loads or deal truck will save a significant chunk of moving costs. However, if you are moving a full house, you may make use of our chartered (or straight load) furniture moving services with more accurate delivery times.

Furniture Removal Share Loads:

For our clients who look forward to save while moving their home between provinces, long distance share loads will save you up to 50% of moving expenses. For one to consider share load furniture removals for example for Johannesburg to cape Town or Durban to Gauteng, you must be flexible with your pick-up and delivery times. Because Bulls Removals is already well known for affordable long distance furniture removals, our removals trucks fill up fast and hence quick turn around times when it comes to furniture delivery.

Long distance furniture removals is a cheap way of moving homes between provinces and cities, but you may be required to wait a couple of days for the removal truck to rock up with your furniture load.

All furniture pieces are correctly recorded and labelled with the owners names and contact details

Share the truck, share the invoice- pay only for the space you occupy in the truck and save some cash!

Long distance furniture removals Straight delivery:

If you are looking forward to move full house furniture from one province to the other; you can charter a removal truck to do only your house moving without sharing the truck.  You can hire a furniture removal truck and crew and your delivery will happen at a time stipulated by you. By default, all our long-distance home removals are share loads unless specified by the relocating customer.

Business Relocation:

Whether you are moving your business offices or you are relocating your office staff members to other branches of your business, Bulls Furniture Removals offer a wide range of choices.  Bulls home movers offers dismantling, wrapping and professional packaging of office equipment at good rates.

We are one of  few reputable office moving companies that have kept moving rates constant for a full year.

Professional wrapping and furniture packaging

Your house furniture forms an integral part of your daily life. Bulls Home Movers is fully aware of that. We offer blanket wrapping free of charge when moving furniture.  We also offer air bubble wrapping if your furniture is being moved for more than 50km. Our home moving crew will recommend for you what items of the furniture to be moved requires bubble wrapping.

For those that may not have time to pack their house contents into boxes and moving crates, Bulls House moving company offers professional boxing and crating at an hour early rate.

House packing is a service that you will need to request in advance so our crew  can get better prepared for the job.

Besides a plug and play service where we pack, and move your house, we also sell; moving boxes, bubble wrap, polythene wrap, buff tape, and couch sleeves to members of the public who look forward to moving their homes.

Depo to Depo Furniture removals and delivery:

long distance furniture removals is cheap if one considers a share load. It can be even cheaper if you bring your parcel to our depo and pick it up at our destination depo.

Depo to depo furniture moving works if you are transporting a single item over a long distance and you have means of collecting from our depo.

Like in share load removals, your parcel will be labelled with your details.

Self storage:

If you decide to move in with a friend at the end of your lease or if you are working out of town for a few months leaving your home unocupied – Bulls Removals offers cheap and secure storage services.

  • Our self storage units range from R6000/month to R1800/ month
  • Bulls Removals has cheap storage agencies though out the country.
  • If you are moving to our nearest storage units, you will have your house moved at a discounted rate ( T& C apply)
  • Our storage spaces are tightly secure and you are given your own key to access your valuables at will.
  • We are the only storage company in Randburg that offers 24/7 access.

Bulls Home Movers is fully and comprehensively insured giving you total peace of mind. Our GIT ( Goods In Transit) insurance goes up to a hooping half a million! If you move with us you are covered.

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